Pain at supratrochlear nerve area on forehead

Hi all,
I have nerve pain on my forehead at the supratrochlear nerve area. Constantly between 5 to 8 out of 10.
I am alergic to opioids and meds like gababentin do not help, just as any heavy pain killers.
I am batteling this for 8 months now since I had a successful operation removing pain at the supraorbital notch, (near my eye). The blood flow at the notch was too low to supply bood to that nerve. My specialist suggested to try steroid injections at the area in pain.
Has anyone tried this?
Thanks for your info,

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Hi. Sorry that you are in so much pain. I am also sorry that you are not finding relief right now. Hold on. Hopefully something will work soon
I have had steroid injections in my face for TN pain. I had it in the upper cheek area. I had them every 3 months for a few years. Later, the pain seemed to move down, so the injection sight was lower, near the lips. (All on the right side, I forgot to mention)
I am sorry that I do not know the technical terms for the nerve places.
Any way, the injections hurt, but not as much as the pain if I did not have them. I would feel very emotional after I got them, and it was best if I dropped out of sight for an hour or two. They did help with pain.
Gradually, the injections seemed to lose their effectiveness. I felt no difference after the last couple, so we discontinued them.
Tegretol does work for me, however, not covering pain completely, but we are grateful for any bit we get.
I pray for all of us here on the web-site. Of course you are included.


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Hi Kudasai,

I had radiofrequency needles in 3 places just above my hairline above my left eye. Thes were painful and never reliefed pain but made it worse. It seems that the nerve which runs up verticaly beside the eye to the top of the head has been damaged during the operation i had on the supraorbital nerve which comes out from the scull just above the middle of the eyebrow. This pain has gone completely since the opration 2.5 years ago. Since then i suffered with this new pain on my left forhead constantly and am so tired of it. I’ll see a pain specialist in 2 weeks to see if they can give me blocks, even if i could get painfree for a day this would be great. I think doctors dont know how to fix a damaged nerve and dont like to admit that they damaged it. Because i get sick with any opioid derivatives i cant take any strong painkillers. Lyrica and gababentin just turn me into a zombie, got off them after a while of trying. How are you going?

I solved my nerve problems across my left face by a combination of Lyrica, VimPat and IcyHot Lidocaine lotion gently rubbed into and along all the nerves vesting me with Trigeminal Neuralgia. It takes some practice to applying IcyHot without screaming. But I did, an old man (86) for some relief before my ashes flitter on the wind. VimPat costs a ton, but it works. However, be careful of dosage. ODing on Lyrica and VimPat dumps me mewing and puking into bed for many hours.