Paging those who have had 2 MVDs

Hi everyone ..

I'm scheduled to have my second MVD in 2 weeks.. part of me is a nervous wreck ! but mostly I just want it over with ... I'm wondering for those who have had a second MVD was the recovery time longer than the first ? how long were you out of work for ? How long before driving and basically feeling as back to normal as possible.. and how long were you in ICU/regular room and sent home after how many days ?? my sugeon says the second time around it's a bit more risky and might be a longer surgery/recovery period ... especially since he's going to be looking at my geniculate nerve and glossopharyngeal nerve too ( being the location of my pain might be coming from there ) just wondering what all of your thoughts were and what you have experienced ... any responses would be greatly appreciated !! just trying to prepare my mind the best I can !!

Thanks in advance ! :)

Hi Julia! How did it go? Can you answer those questions yourself now? I may be facing a second MVD and and wondered about all you asked. I wish you'd gotten a reply to set your mind at ease and hope you are recovering well.

Thanks for the info...if possible to give...