I got a virus sometime over the last few days. I've been struggling to stay warm. My head is foggy, my throat is soar and everything aches. It hurts when my husband tries to rub me to help me feel better. I went to my Primary Physician today. They did more blood work on top of what my Neurologist has ordered. Found that my blood pressure has spiked since I started the Trileptal. Now they're concerned something bigger is going on. Through all of this I spoke with my Pharmacist about what I could take to help me feel better. Nothing over the counter is even an option. I never realized how much I took those flu remedies for granted. Makes me wonder how I'm supposed to get through the winter and spring if I can't take anything to make me feel better. I wish there was some sort of guide for TN sufferers that explained the in's and out's of how this affects every day life.

Bummer.... I am so, so sorry that you are under the weather.

I have always found that the thing that makes my throat feel the best (and even my head) is hot lemon tea with honey... seriously. I was/am a vocalist and sing a great deal. When I had a gig that could not be cancelled, I would chug that stuff..... the honey coats your throat and makes it feel so much better.

Last time I had a throat virus, the doctor told me to buy Jolly Ranchers. Said the syrup coats your throat. He was NOT kidding. Felt better than even the honey.

Hang in there!

Oh, and my blood pressure has spiked as well..... and that was before they added the Trileptal. My doctor is keeping an eye on it, but he thinks it is all the stress of the condition and how we pretty much are worrying every minute about when the next episode will happen. He did have me purchase a blood pressure machine for home and I have to take it 3x daily right now and turn it into him every 10 days for review though.

Appreciate the thought. But I was already trying the herbal remedies and teas with honey before I went to the doctor. It’s so painful to eat or even get sleep because I snore. They have no idea why I feel like this other than a virus. For which I still can’t take anything over the counter. Had blood work done again. Just waiting for the results.

There are guides for TN patients. Two books marketed through the TN Association are quite good: "Striking Back -- the Trigeminal Neuralgia Handbook" and "Insights" are both good. You may also benefite from reading the Face Pain Info tab and sub-tabs on the menu above.

Regards, Red

Thanks Red. Turns out I had a virus. It caused ulcers in my throat. So now I’m just getting by on hydrocodone, trileptal and soft foods. I am struggling to eat and work.

Oh, I did go through this forum before going to my pharmacist. I plugged in over twenty words in the search engine. Nothing was found on this topic. But I found out the hard way that nothing was available to me.