Out of Hospital!

Was was realeased hospital on Christmas Eve! I would like to to thank SFbill for telling me to go public! Thank-You SO MUCH Bill!!! Because of Bill,my pain is doable most days.A BIG THANKS TO Larry Bersteine and his Gallixa.What a brillant man and a super sweet man , talk to him often.Also a change in my meds. has made a big difference. I had no hope
When you come to the end of your rope PLEASE DO’NT LET GO you never know what is around the next corner.

Wishing all HOPE this new year soft hugs Dawn

It is good to see despair turn to Hope ! It is funny how a few kind words and a little understanding can change the way you look at things . I am glad to have this forum , I told my brother about it last night on the phone , and oddly out of character he thought it was a good thing . I expected him to give his usual critical poo poo -

Hope the New Year brings better days !!