Other treatments such as chiropractic care to work with your traditional treament

I am new to this having on been officially diagnosed yesterday. I was just wondering if anyone out there had used other forms of treatment along with the usual traditional ones, such as anti-convulsive drugs and pain medicine. I have an appointment with a chiropractor today and I have neck and shoulder pain, on the side with the Trigeminal Neuralgia and thought maybe this might help me manage my pain better. I asked my neurologist yesterday and he didn't find anything wrong with it. They also offer massage at the chiropractor and said that might help me manage stress, which seems to really make my symptoms unbearable. If anyone has tried this, can you please let me know? If there are any other forms of treatment you have had success with please share. Right now I am exploring all my options and trying to find what works best for me.

I think it's great to explore options. I do not go to chiros, but I have friends who swear by them.

I just wanted to comment that I also get really bad neck and shoulder pain with my attacks. Not all the time, but definitely when I have been having a lot of daily pain. I think all the muscles get bound up from tensing ourselves. I also think I am clenching my teeth because of it.

I plan to get a massage therapist involved in my treatment.

Good luck to you and welcome. I am new here too.

I tried to send you a reply before Jess and if you got it, then I am sorry if you get another one. Not sure what I hit last time. Anyway, my neurologist seemed to think it might help me relax and work some of the tightness out of my neck and shoulders. I know that stress makes my pain so intense it is almost unbearable. The chiropractor also has massage therapists and she even suggested that if there was a time when my pain was bearable in my face, that I might even benefit from a facial massage. I have been told I have symptoms of TMJ also and have worn a night guard for years due to clenching and grinding of teeth. My doctor also told me that accupuncture might help me manage my pain. I also know that some insurances are starting to help pay for it also. I love the fact that my neurologist is open to other forms of treatment and realizes that I would like to not have to rely on pain medicine, if that is possible for me. Good Luck to you too and if you try massage let me know how you do. I will keep you posted.

I hope you have ordered the book "Striking Back" -- its good in tandem with this site

I used Reiki ( huge surprise -) - and lidocaine face patches while on my meds

Thanks Richard and KC,

I am new to all this, just being diagnosed officially this week. I have been doing research but it always helps when you have someone tell you they tried something or read something and it worked for them. Thanks again!

I've had regular chiro and acupuncture (when my insurance covered it) and it definitely helped but take that with a grain of salt. I believe different treatments work based on the location/cause of the nerve damage.

Chiropractic care cured my TN

Hi there,

Like you and many others on this site, I was also diagnosed late. I was first put on Neurontin, now I'm on Lyrica. I tried acupuncture, and it didn't help me the first time - this was in May or June. I'm feeling a lot better now, and I suspect this is thanks to antidepressants but also acupucture, which seems to work so much better this time round and with a different doctor. I have a constant feeling of pressure in my teeth and on a bad day there is a lot of teeth pain and pain in the jaw area. What the acupuncture does to me is that it works like anesthetics, the feeling of pressure doesn't really go away, but the pain vanishes for half a day to several days at a time. Also, I was recommended a wonderful masseur, who has helped me better with my dislocted jaw discs than any doctor or my night guard have in months! He also treated my trigeminal nerve with acupuncture needles and the swelling of neck/jaw went away within minutes, he then gave me facial massage and I felt no pain in either my teeth or jaw whatsoever, while normally I can barely wash the affected part of my face. I felt so ethusiastic and full of energy after the treatment. Unfortunatelly, the pain has crept back in a few days, but this time it is milder. I am also trying to get rid of my bad habits (namely sleeping on stomach, crossing my legs and slouching) - which helps with both my TMJ disorder and trigeminal neuralgia. I hope that you will find a therapist and a treatment that suits you, from my experience it's worth to ask around for recommendations.

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