Has anyone here tried an Osteopath?
I found a dental osteopath and had one session last week.
Although my pain is in the lower right side of my face there is obvious tension on the right side above my mouth.Has not decreased my pain at all-but only the first session.
Just wondering if anyone else has tried and what their results were.

What does an osteopathic dentist do? I even tried to google it and could not figure it out! Hope it provides some relief.

Hi Ziggy
It is not a dentist but an osteopath that works out of a dental office and
specializes in facial bones and making very minor adjustments.Sort of a
massage therapist in the mouth and outside the mouth.
So far not working-but I have a big bump pimple or cyst or boil or
something on my right side of my chin-where all the other stuff is-the sore
lymph node,the thyroid nodule and then the sore tooth.Back to the doctor
next week if the bump does not go away.Not the fault of the osteopath.It
had started already.Just very sore and painful now.