Oral surgery

i had oral surgery this past Thursday ... i was anxious about having it due to the
TN ...
would this surgery activate an episode ?? ... i was already having break through
twinges of pain the two weeks prior to the surgery ... maybe because i was
anxious ?
... i didn't take extra meds before the surgery ... i was prescribed oxycodone after
surgery ... i drove myself home after the surgery but made a stop at my pharmacy
before heading home ... i was also prescribed ibuprofen 800 mg ... the reason for
was for periodontal disease ... i had a lot of bone loss ... it's only been a few days
... i
don't know if the discomfort is from the surgery or the TN ... the lesson for anyone
who is
reading this is to make sure you floss!! ... oh and make sure you have your regular
cleanings ... one thing that bothers me is that when i have had to reschedule my
cleanings due to TN acting up, they make me wait a full 6 months for the next
cleaning ... but then, i don't know when it will clear up ... it's a lose lose situation
when one has TN (imo)

Thank you so much for sharing this; you bring up some good points about oral care and making sure everyone figures out a way to take care of their teeth and gums. I hope you start to feel better soon. ;-)

Thanks for the reminder to take care of our teeth. I think a lot of us our anxious about oral surgery and even dentist visits because of our TN. I hope the discomfort goes away soon : )

prior to this oral surgery, three years earlier i had to get, i think three root canals and a cap cause i was not able to brush/floss for four months due to the pain ... i know it will not be easy ... the discomfort is going away so i thank you for your well wishes ... i only have the "regular" burning which subsides when i take my cocktail