Living With Facial Pain

Oral Lichen Planus aka Lichenoid Reaction


I am chasing an old ailment that might be causing my GPN type pain.
Cardiovascular BP drugs, cholesterol lowering drugs, mint, & cinnamon.
All these aggravate the lichen planus.
It may have traveled to my throat?
It can cause throat pain, narrowing of the esophagus, difficulty swallowing.
Anyone chased this one?


I may have oral lichen planus from what I have seen in pictures. I do have burning mouth syndrome. I also have facial neuropathy. I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and now found I have Sjogren’s disease which affects the salivary glands and tears. I cannot salivate or cry and my lips are hurting from being dried out. I don’t have thrush. I find it difficult to swallow, talk, or do anything with my mouth because of the excruciating pain. I also spit up liquids including water, but no food. I have to take pilocarpine to make me salivate. Do you have dry mouth? Do you have dry eyes? Is your skin dry? If so, you may have Sjogren’s which is an autoimmune disease as is Hashimoto’s. All medications have side effects. I am trying to eat gluten free but I have lost my appetite as my saliva is thick and sticky. I don’t have gum disease as I do take care of my teeth. I will be 67 this December and age is also causing me a lot of problems. I hope this can help you a bit; you will be in my prayers to heal. Blessings, barbiedollstars:kissing_heart:


I have the following symptoms along with classic GPN symptoms described in this discussion:

burning mouth
dry mouth
nasty taste in mouth
dry cracked lips
sticky thick saliva
excess tears
face tingles
difficulty swallowing
aspirate on liquids
Sjogren’s lab negative
thyroid labs normal
oral surgeon says thrush due to tongue being white.
labs say no thrush, benign squamous mucosa showing papillomatosis, hyperkeratosis, & acanthosis.