Optic neuritis?

I know this is a site for primarily TN but i do still have facial pain my pain behind my right eye its like a stabbing pressure feels like a bone behind my eye my pain doc who referred me to ohsu because he suspects the pain is coming from the optic nerve and that particular area is very sensitive thats y im gonna be seeing dr Kim burchiel hopefully i get a call back this week but anyway he thinks it might be optic neuritis my vision is never blury but my eyes are sensitive to light no vision loss but light just physically hurts my eyes even though my vision is fine and isnt blurry but even when im in a dark room i still have that stabbing pressure behind my right eye nothing causes it the pain is always there 24 7 im always tired so this really isnt something u can keep a diary for and is not a tumor so please tell me do u think it could be optic neuritis and do you think since the doc im being reffurred to is a neurosurgeon that i might just get the surgery that i need and want since usual vision tests r fine and nothing else has seemed to work ??? Also i have been a sufferer for 5 years

As you were told before by a moderator:

As for what you should expect from Dr. Burchiel, I think a more appropriate question is what you should expect from Justus. I’m guessing that Dr. Burchiel will make a lot of suggestions to you with respect to things that you can do to cope with your pain. That’s
why he has psychologists, physiatrists , psychiatrists, accupuncturists, nutritionists on staff at his clinic. He is also a surgeon, and maybe he will offer you surgery as well. Until you get there and they do the diagnostics, what will happen is anybody’s guess.
I’m pretty sure, though, that you are not going to find a doctor or a clinic that is better prepared to serve you.Here, once again, is the advice I gave you before:

I’m thinking that maybe what’s going to be best for you at this point
is to consider your lifestyle, maybe make a flow chart for Dr.Burchiel,
and start working on the lifestyle changes that people like 'moth have

Please look up Corneal Neualgia / optic neuropathy. I have similar symptoms and am on quest for pain relief. Seems to me the treatments for this and TN are similar.
I am so sorry you are going through this, and I do understand your frustration.