One Year Anniversary Since MVD and Still Pain Free!

I had my MVD one year ago; woke up pain free and have been ever since. So happy that I want to tell the world. For those of you still in pain, there is hope. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.


Hi Brownkat well done being a year painfree. I'm sure you don't know yourself now. Enjoy life and thank you for letting us TN suffers know there is light at the end of the tunnel. I'm waiting for an up to date MRI to see if I'm a candidate for MVD. Take care Angie

There is hope… Thanks for helping to show that … I’m on year two, no meds!

That is so awesome!

Nice to hear from you Browncat!!
So very pleased to hear you are still pain free!! Awesome!
(((( hugs )))) Mimi : )

Thats just awesome!!...I am fortunate to know the excitement and relief, like you, to have had an MVD that works 100%. On Dec 31st I celebrated the 30th anniversary of my MVD surgery and like you woke up pain free from surgery and pain free since.Yes there is hope . Go out and celebratey and here is to a life of no more TN pain for you.

It is heartening to read a positive outcome of mvd surgery! Congratulations on your anniversary! I have heard from two ns that although the success rate for me would be somewhat greater than 50% given sinus complications and not a “classic” TN with shooting pain, rather, milder shooting pain with intense burning and numbness, I am very much a candidate for the procedure. I dream about waking up in the morning totally pain free for a bunch of days in a row…maybe with yours and others’ positive outcomes, I can get past my fear of brain surgery. thank you so much for sharing your success!