One year after MVD

I had my MVD about a year ago.

I still have dizziness, headache, pressure and tingling on my face. Has anyone experience the same things?


I had my MVD 18 months ago and still have little symptoms like pain and burning in my scalp and pinches in my eye and face but never like before (electric shocked) hope and pray to God they never come back…I live in Mexico near the border with California and the weather has change a bit and I have been under a lot of stress…

yep! 8 months postop here. My TN2 was changed to an easier low TN1. I am so much better off now and my expectations after surgery were too expect some remaining pain. I get tingles frequently, I can trigger stronger intense shocks, I have received two very scary #10"s this last month just out of the blue. I have fixed my dizzy spells with a change in medication. 2 meds were making me dizzy and giving extra headache pain.(Baclofen, Tramadol)

But I also have TN bilaterally, ON bilaterally, TAC headache syndromes. So I will never be in the clear.


I know we are all different but I had my MVD done @ Johns Hopkins nearly one year ago for type 1 TN. I was 68 yrs. old and had dealt with it for about a year and a half. I continue to be completely pain free and am on no medication. I have no side effects, strange sensations or anything. I am so grateful for God and the facility & surgeon I went to for the procedure. The research I did on this site led me to the treatment that was right for me. I wish you all strength and courage.