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Old root canal has infection/Retreatment?

Hello there. I’m still involved in getting my dental work done. The work on my right side is coming along. I still need a bridge on that side.

I started getting a toothache on my left side on a tooth that had a large cavity almost on the nerve so I had it RC’d. It could not be filled. It went well with little pain.

When the endo was taking xrays he noticed something on the RC’d tooth behind it. He gave me a cone xray and said the good news is it’s not cracked. The bad news is it’s infected. He says he could retreat it (50/50 chance), an apico or pull it.

I won’t do an apico or get an implant, so I’m looking at another bridge if I pull it. The retreat could work but who knows. Anyone have an RC’d tooth retreated? This is on my top left good side.

Dunno about your situation in particular but if on good side, I’d be optimistic. I just had RC on lower bad side which flared my GN. It has subsided but will only have work done on bad side if last resort! :weary:

Yes, my daughter had an extra nerve that was not easily visible when original rc was done. So that had to be treated several years later when it was infected.
I had a piece of instrument left in place after an rc, was not told about it , had to be treated surgically years later after it became infected.

Also had an rc badly done that had to be redone.
Luckily I have a fantastic endo. Bottom line is infection has to be treated.
I’m wi0th you on not having an implant, have two bridges on molars.
Hour this is helpful.
Ps could have bought a new Cadillac with all the cash spent on teeth.

Thanks everyone. Not sure if I should do retreat or pull it. It’s a hard decision. I have an appointment Monday to discuss. I go back and forth with this one. jazmin.

Hello everyone. I’m back. The tooth mentioned above that was RC’d was pulled. I did not want a retreat. Apparently the tooth had curved roots. The previous dentist did not have updated equipment and left the curved roots in! The endo took a cone beam of the tooth and said, “Who did this RC?” The identical tooth on my upper right side(bad) is the tooth that started this by getting a root canal. I’ve thought about it plenty as the same endo did this. I now believe that he left “the curved roots” when he did the RC on the neuralgia tooth. I will address this tooth last. I might pull it. I want to get all the other work done first. I never had a cone beam xray done on that tooth so will get one after everything is finished. My dentist tells me the crown that was done was “funny shaped”. I had a crappy dentist previously. The gabapentin covers the pain pretty well.

So I now have two bridges in my future. I have two open spaces, one on bottom left and one on bottom right. Well I came back because I now need a root canal on my bottom right molar. My bad quadrant (upper right) has a molar that’s also hurting. It’s next to my bad tooth. Wish me luck. jazmin.