I’ve just read an article by a man name Vernon. He found Dr. Burchiel through a friend who also had severe facial pain. She had gone to a Swedish Hospital in Seattle and was referred to him at OHSU. Dr. Burchiel found a nerve on Vernon and blood vessel touching each other and did a microvascular decompression. This helped the most intense pain, but wasn’t able to get off the medication.
We saw Dr. Burchiel again, he performed a Neurolysis. When He left the hospital, he didn’t take any of the medicine they gave him for the surgical pain. After two weeks at home, He was advised on how to cut down on routine pain medication. Since the day after surgery, he’s pain-free and now medication-free. Neurolysis? interesting. I like a positive story! Anyone heard of Neurolysis or had ? Thank you as I continue to search and learn. Been having bad pain non stop for 2 weeks now.

I'm familar with dr. burchiel and ohsu hes a leading doctor in facial pain however i'm not sure what a neurolysis is...

I just looked it up. Neurolysis:

  1. release of a nerve sheath by cutting it longitudinally.
  2. operative breaking up of perineural adhesions.
  3. relief of tension upon a nerve obtained by stretching.
  4. destruction or dissolution of nerve tissue

I know OHSU has a leading center for TN treatment. They helped to confirm I was not a canadit for surgery or anything with needles to treat me and medications would serve me best.

I can't remember kari did you say they didnt find any compressions?

kari and out of curiousity the pain in your tooth was it the shocking pain?? and did it come on overnight?