Off topic - Finally have the results of the Lumbar CT in hand

Dear Blog,

So my GP had a lumbar CT performed, however because I live in a rural centre, the city radiologists will not deliver the scans so I had to pick them up myself.

So the scan report says:

  • L3/4 There is some degenerative change in the facet joints
  • L5/S1 - There is some bulging of the intervertebral disc

The L4/5 was fine.

I see my GP the day after tomorrow so hopefully he can explain more to me what this will mean for me now and into the future. There's always just something more hey! I looked up causes of degenerative disc changes and apparently my sitting in this chair could be a potential cause - irony at it's best. So I say to you dear friends - make sure you don't slouch at your desk, LOL :-)

Thats all for now :-)