Odd question (But when isn't TN bizarre)

A friend of mine says he has had a few episodes of this scalp hurting and burning to the point he couldn't even touch his hair. His GP told him TN, but they could only be sure if he had another flare-up and the Tegretol made it go-away. I didn't want to say too much to him about it, because if it is something else I don't want to freak him out. So could scalp pain be a TN symptom? If the answer is yes, then I will feel better about giving him some more information.

PS He used to live across the street from me. Two TNs out of ten houses? Strange little cluster.

This seems like a symptom of occipital neuralgia.I have it and I have times I can not touch my scalp or was my hair.

So .. other than it's location, is it pretty much the same as TN?

Interesting. I have about a 2 inch patch near the top of my head on my tn side (left) that just comes and goes. I have not found a reason or pattern and it usually passes within hours so I ignore it like I ignore so may symptoms.

Hi Maureen,
The field of Neurology is vast and sensory symptoms, sensitivity and nerve pain can overlap into many different conditions. I too have had what he describes, could it be TN? Yes. But it may be something else … If it were my friend, I would advise asking for an MRI, to rule out other conditions like MS, brain tumors etc
Should it be determined he has TN, you can share more at that time.
The Tegretol may help.