October 7th 2016 TN Awareness Day....need some advise

I’m here in the Tucson area and with October 7th quickly coming I am drawn towards awareness and finding a cure. So far I have constructed an 8 ft wooden ribbon that I plan to put lights around. I have made 2 flyers to hand out but I don’t know where to do this. I would love to get some businesses downtown to light up teal but I just don’t know anyone to ask. When I think of walking into somewhere I see myself trying to explain this horrible disease and then what? I have already been on the news out here about TN but I really want to take this to the next level. I am in remission for now and I want to use this pain free time to spread the word, I just don’t know how. I would love any suggestions from anyone. Thank you


Awesome job. Try neurologist and pain clinics


Huge well done on getting stuck into the awareness in a big way ! I’m not much help on you particular area because I am based in a land far away, Ireland. I got involved locally here this year through an Irish TN support group and there is a woman, Sarah that has rounded up the troops to get the info spread. She emailed all of us a generic email that is simply asking these business to get involved or politely ask them for a point in the right direction if they can’t help. It gives an explanation to what it’s all about and what the cause is for. If you want to private message me id be more than happy to forward it on to you. It would only involve you changing your name and contact details, and maybe a bit here and there to suit you own local area.

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That would be wonderful !! Thank you

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