Occipital Neuralgia after MVD?

Has anyone else had occipital neuralgia symptoms start after MVD? I have a lot of pain from the incision site of the MVD, radiating up the back of my head and scalp, into my forehead. My left eye is sensitive to light. Headaches are worse when out in the sun or the sun shines in on my desk while I am working. Now I'm thinking maybe occipital neuralgia??????

If you put that in search box…here you will find it


I also have experienced a very similar pain post-MVD. I've found that it seems to occur after I exert myself, bend over or lift anything heavy. As such, I now avoid those activities. Every once in awhile it will just happen out of the blue and takes my breath away. Not sure why it's happening, but it's still way better than the TN pain.