Anyone have numbness on the side of face where they have TN? I know it is not a symptom of TN, but just curious what would cause it. I had "surface" numbness for quite a while around the left/TN side of my mouth and since being diagnosed it has progressed so that now I have it on the entire left/TN side of my face. It is kind of a tightness feeling similar to how it feels when you get sunburned and have that tight feeling in your skin. It also kind of comes and goes. Very weird. Anyone else experience anything like this?

The symptoms you are describing line up pretty well with what is called "parasthesia". It's frequently a symptom of neuropathy -- which is of course the general category into which TN and atypical TN fall. Many other patients will recognize what you describe. If you have a regular relationship with a neurologist, it would be wise to inform his or her office of this development.

Regards, Red.

Hi Phoenix,

I started out with my left side going completely numb like it was on novacaine. the nuero took 2 mri's six weeks apart and could not find a reason for it, he said it could be caused by several things such as a virous or injury and could go away in a few weeks. A year and a half later it started to slowly get less and I still have slight numbness, it get worse if I exert myself. after it went down is when the type II TN started, Still no concrete answer to what started it in the first place.