Numbness and TN

Hi I am wondering I have TN but have developed a new symptom this time I have pain in my eye and cheek area like a firework exploding which is down to TN but now the corner of my mouth and small area of my cheek feels numb and the corner of my mouth feels wet same side as the TN is affecting has anyone else experienced this

The numbness is my number one symptom. Hey! that was funny! numb..ness. Anyway, that is the standard and every other symptom comes and goes.

Hi. I get a weird feeling kind of like novacane wearing off.

That's the feeling exactly, although if I pinch it there's pain. It's almost like the numbness is inside the tissues only.

After a very physically busy summer last year, I started getting more twitching in my eye and cheek. Then I also felt wetness in the corner of my mouth, almost like it was drooping or something. They gave me another MRI after developing these symptoms as they indicated a possible tumor or something pressing on the nerve. But nothing showed up on the MRII; I just had new symptoms. Once I slowed down again and settled into a winter routine, which is much easier on my body, many of those symptoms slowly disappeared, though other things developed.

Have you been busier lately, done anything more physically extreme than usual? Movement is often a trigger that people aren't always aware of, which is why I ask. Can you think of anything you did before these symptoms started? On the other hand, who knows? Sometimes, there's no rhyme or reason to why we get new symptoms, none that we can figure out anyway. Good luck!

Hi, I also get numbness in my cheek and feel like corner of my mouth is wet, but it is not. I am also getting strange numbness right up the center of my mouth to my nose. I thought it may be from the medicine I take, carbamazepine. Not sure, but it also feels like my bite is off and my teeth don't match up top and bottom.

V2 nerve is affected. I have this 24/7. Can’t get help yet!

Gordon GG…OMG that’s EXACTLY how I describe it! The teeth on that side of my face feel totally out of place. When I say that, people look at me like I’m nuts. Sooooo glad you said that. Now I don’t feel like a crazy lady:)

When I am drinking, I have found, if I focus on the left side of my throat really good side...(and this has taken me a long time to master)....I swallow much easier...Of course, it doesn't always work. Because I get impatient sometimes... but it helps.

Me too, so strange!

Metter said:

Hi. I get a weird feeling kind of like novacane wearing off.