Numbness after MVD surgery

For those of you that have had MVD surgery and numbness from it have you tried taking any anti-inflammatory medicines such as Advil, Ibuprofen etc are antibiotics. I am enjoying being pain free but I have a lot of numbness still around my mouth. My Dr. said it was from the nerves healing, and it could take a few months. Just curious if any one else is dealing with this problem after surgery.

I was numb for months maybe up to a year. It did go away. And I am glad your surgery was successful and you are pain free.

Hi, Liz,

Thank you for your reply. My numbness seems to come and go. My Dr.'s nurse assured me it would eventually go away and that it would take time for the nerves to heal and the incision area as well but sometimes I do get a little nervous about it. Your reply does make me feel so…much better about it. I awoke early this morning and could not go back to sleep thinking about it. I decided to get on-line and your post was the first I seen, Thank you so much! I hope you are have a good day today.


Hi Linda -

How long ago was your MVD? My mom had an MVD done on Sep 20th, so 6 weeks later and she is still numb. She was fine for the first 4 days post surgery, but then that side of her face started to go slightly numb and it spread over the course of the next 2 weeks to encompass that entire side of her head (face, tongue, cheek, forehead and skull). Her numbness is also accompanied by intense pins and needles pain. We are worried too about what this means for us as far as the healing process and or a new state of “normal”. We are worried that this means we are experiencing a compliancation of surgery but are hopeful based on reading other peoples stories that the pain and numbness will eventually go away over time, but I hate not knowing how much time we are looking at. We have days of hope that it will get better and days of dispair where we think this is it. It’s hard to say and I don’t feel the Surgeon and other doctors are able to really give any better guidance at this point either.

And back to your original question, yes, my mom was put on an anti-flammatory medicine at her 2 weeks check-up but it sounds like she should have been put on one right away - like 3 days post surgery. So 3 weeks post surgery, she had an MRI done to check and see if that gave any explanation about the numbness, they still saw swelling and so also put her on a 6 day regimen of steroids to really kick that swelling out of there. That (along with Nuerontin) started to help with the intensity of the pain associated with the numbess, but did nothing for the numbness itself.

I hope this is a very short ordeal for you as we hope the end of ours is near too! I will try to keep you posted on any changes in my mom’s condition and please do the same… We all love to hear those success stories, but are all very understanding of the need to vent too, so please do whatever is needed at that time!

Best wishes,