So I have completely stepped down my Gabapentin (back to 900mg/day) since my last post. I have really noticed a difference.

The pain has returned in my lower jaw and tmj area. It feels like a steady dull ache, mostly right around the time I am to take my meds.

Over the last few days I have felt the shocking, jabbing, stabbing pains. Certainly not nearly as painful as they’ve been, but enough to make me wonder if they will worsen.

I had about 6 days without any pain. I was able to eat almost any food and actually enjoy them. I am back to finding myself avoiding anything hard in texture or hard to chew - I even missed out on Prime Rib this Christmas :frowning: I accidentally chomped on a peanut in some christmas cookies and the shockwaves sent me to high heaven. It lasted for about 30 seconds.

The last 3 days I have felt super weak and without any strength at all. It’s back to being unable to get out of bed. The last 2 days my arms have gone numb or “asleep” from the elbows down. Only one of the times did it feel like pins and needles but mostly it felt like I’d stuck my arms in the snow - it was a “cool” numb feeling. I could still feel things on the outside, it just felt like the inside was numb, does that make sense? It’s so hard to explain.

We have new medical insurance as of Thursday. My neurologist is retiring on Wednesday. I have a Feb appt to see a different neuro in the office but I think I am going to try and see someone closer to my house. As soon as my husband gets the card in his hand I will make phone calls for appts. But for now, I will keep the Feb visit scheduled.

I have decided to postpone any dental work until I feel secure enough to putter through it. Dan’s aunt (a hygentist) has informed us of a dentist who will conk you out but that it’s expensive. I wish I could afford to pay it. The last time I had an attack, a severe attack about a week ago, I literally asked God to strike me down and take me away. I was on my knees, gripping the bathroom doorknob, crying my heart out. Did I really mean it at the time? Yes, I think I did. Did I know what I was saying? Heck No. I was pleading for it to stop. I am sure that anyone who has TN would much rather be zonked out for dental work than be lucid and in pain - especially someone who CAN’T get numb very well or for very long. Besides, I do have a bit of work (some little cavities here and there and a molar to yank).

Anyway, I need to quit revisiting the dental work issue.

Any insight to the arm numbness would be so appreciated.

Oh and I am going to my first visit with the Acupuncturist on Friday.

Thank you so much for your comments. I am so thankful to have this place to post and to receive support.