Numb is yuck

I've ( sort of) gotten used to the roof of my mouth being numb. I've ( sort of) gotten used to my lips being numb. Even a numb tongue is now the norm but the back of my throat? That's new and not at all pleasant. Will there ever come a day when I cease to be surprised by what ATN throws at me?

That's all kiddies, I just wanted to vent to like minded people who "get it." Thanks!

hi catwoman. I sometimes get numbish on the upper lip,1 side of tongue and palette,i wouldnt say completly numb,but as if anaesthetic is wearing off. And sometimes one side of my throat hurts,along with an earache. One day we will find a cure im sure.

Hi Barbara, you sound just like me! It's exactly side the feeling you have as you're stepping out of the dentist's chair. Not fully numb but not that far off it, only it isn't numb. If you stuck a pin in my lip right now I'd certainly feel it! It's as if it's only numb under the skin.