Living With Facial Pain

Nuerologist In Roseville, CA


I want to recommend my Neurologist Dr. Cheharazi,

I first met him at Sutter hospital in Roseville, Ca, while I was waiting to transfer to a room, from my emergency visit. He was very thorough in checking my symptoms. He asked me a lot of questions and even though at the time I was mad at him for making me going through all this stuff. He later told me he was sorry, if I was in pain during the process, but SOME people do fake things like this. I did not take it personally, since he was so kind and understanding.

He increased my medication for a few days, while I made the decision to do the surgery or not. Well I of course decided on going through with the surgery. All the people at Sutter Hospital were amazing! The private room was nice, I was able sleep when I was not in pain, on and off. Dr. Cheharazi met with me before the surgery and once I was out of surgery he was very caring about how I felt. Once I was almost about to go home he came to see me and we actually talked and laughed. I recommend him to anyone in the area who needs an amazing Doctor. If you want to know more about him, I added a link from Sutter Hospital. I have to say that I am pain free One year and 2mo. :)

My hope it that you will be too!


B. Barry Chehrazi, M.D., FACS

1301 Secret Ravine Parkway, #200

Roseville, California 95661

(916) ■■■■■■■■



I have added Dr Chehrazi and Sutter Hospital to our Find a Doctor page. Thanks for the referral.

Regards, REd