NUCCA in South Florida

For anyone in the south florida area, I’ve been going to Dr Granger (Thrive Spinal Care) in Cooper City. So far the treatments have been very gentle and have helped me live with less pain and discomfort for the last 2 months. I have atypical trigeminal Neuralgia. I also use CBD 1000 mg on the days where I have a lot of discomfort with my neck and feel some light twitches.

I am newly diagnosed with ATN. Trying to avoid meds. Do you use any rx meds? Or just the cbd and adjustments?

Just CBD 1000 - 1500mg and adjustments over the past few months. I’ve been avoiding Rx meds.

TY good to know people can cope without meds. I sensitive to many. So I don’t want to start.

What is the brand and name of the CBd you take? I have heard that sometimes the buccaneers can harm you. Have you heard this. I live inBoynton Beach. How did you learn about this Dr?

Meant nun as not bucaneers LOL

I don’t know what is wraith me. I meant Nuccas

I’ve tried miracle leaf and Re-lax from my local smoke shop. No I haven’t heard that but I’ll look into it