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Maybe a slightly depressive post but having a hard time at the moment, underwent another pulsed radiofrequency ganglion block injection which my consultant says is my only route other than medication (side effects of the only good one is coma like), only saw him 3 weeks ago at my request for a discussion some months back (had to request some referrals he thought I’d had which I hadn’t). Then finally received a cancellation call after waiting for nearly a year for this follow up and no memory of what we’d discussed, nor had he read my papers beforehand. I’d had this procedure a couple of times before and it’s been fairly effective, I reminded him it was his idea that he “zap” me harder this time. However for the first time he carried it out with no sedation, we didn’t discuss this and on my part I’d assumed it would be the same as previous as we’ve never discussed that before either. I’ve always been conscious but with pain relief via a drip, this time I had none. I’m not sure if it was the pain or the shock but it’s shaken me, I won’t get the opportunity to even discuss it with him for at least 6 months given his waiting list, I will see the nurse in 3 months. As I’m in the UK I’m under my local hospital and don’t have the choice to change consultants that I’m aware of without vast sums of money, I’d just like to be remembered (even if fake) from one appointment to another, after 5 years this has never happened once…feeling like I’m never going to get anywhere if no one remembers me (or reads my papers) and I have to re-tell my story at every appointment :frowning:

Oh Julie, I’m so sorry! You have every right to expect your doctor/specialist to remember you or at least review your file to refresh their memory!!

I’m in Canada so I can’t advise you regarding how it works in the UK…maybe other UK members might reply who have suggestions…
Huge ((( hugs ))), Mimi

Thanks Mimi, I think I’m just feeling a little sorry for myself after the procedure yesterday. I really do appreciate how many people a professional has to deal with, would just rather be delayed by 5 minutes while he skim read my file if that’s what it takes. The pre op bit took less than 30 seconds of a mark on my neck asking me where I wanted injecting. I’m sure if I’d asked him to inject my bum,he’d have not noticed and marked me there!

You do have every right to expect that they will take at least a cursory look at your file! Even if you're not paying him the big bucks, somebody is! I hope you don't let this colour your life too much. Chin up! Keep that British stiff upper lip. ♡♡♡♡♡

Thanks Catwoman, I know I’ll be ok, I’ve been up and down with this before. I’m just feeling at the moment very sorry for myself, I hurt from the “normal” pain, from the procedure pain and from the guilt that I’m yet again off work and worrying my family. At the moment I’m wondering how much more hoping for the best I can take, but I’m sure in a few days I’ll take on the British fighting spirit once more!

Glad to hear it! In the interim, wallow away!! Scream and rant and rave and beat cushions to a pulp! You'll do your bit for your family when you can. Just remember there are a heck of a lot of people all over the world who are thinking of you right now and want you to be happy.

Unfortunately, some of the US doctors must have the same manual on patient etiquette as the UK doctors. I can't imagine waiting 6 months to see a doctor here in the US after a procedure is done. Make a list and take the list with you to make sure you cover all of your questions/concerns/symptoms, etc. Keeping a daily journal of how you feel, what you ate, etc will also help you see a pattern if you are triggering something. Compassionate doctors are becoming extinct here in the US, it's all about the money now. They herd us in and out like cattle, overbook appointments where we have to schedule an entire day around them waiting hours for a scheduled appointment. I'm having problems finding a doctor who will treat me because of the nature of my TN. Even the doctors who are in my insurance network have refused to see me. The docs here seem to "cover" each other when someone messes up. As far as reading papers, that too happens here in the US. Why even make us fill out the forms if you're not going to read it? I had a hysterectomy at 24. A few years later I went to the er for possible heart-attack . Thankfully it was only stress, I divorced the stress - problem solved. Anyways, I had written that I had a complete hysterectomy. The er doctor never read my chart, did a pregnancy test, insurance refused payment and so did I. Totally unnecessary. I would type up a short story about my history and add to it as it changes. When going to dr. appointment I would pull out my short story and read it and hand him a copy afterwards.

Wow..........Just wow. Thankfully Australian doctors haven't gone down that road yet. On the whole they seem compassionate and still dedicated to their field. I just pray they stay that way.

Thanks for the support, is really nice at your lowest times to know there are complete strangers out there who care enough to offer words of encouragement x

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