Nose Pain

I've had atypical TN in my jaw for thirteen years and been treated with a whole assortment of medicines and procedures. It was a result of dental work. Last December, I had my last (top front) teeth pulled and could tell immediately that one of the injections had nicked a nerve. The next day I had blinding eye-pains (sporadic but terrible) as well as pain at the tip of my nose and above my upper lip. My pain doctor swore that it would "just go away," but it hasn't. In fact, since my meds were cut back two months ago, I think it is even getting worse. Her is my question: do any of you have Type II pain at the tip of your nose and the nose bridge that gets so bad you can't wear glasses? Please let me know. Thanks.

I have pain in that area and cannot wear glasses of any kind for almost 2 years now. It’s my worst spot for my type 1 and type 2 pains.

Thanks! I was beginning to think I was cracking-up!

I have pain in that area of gums and teeth. My nose only half has odd numbness sensation along with my cheek as well.

I have severe pain across the bridge of my nose.

Lauren(Peebles) and I have the same sensations…it is weird, but so is TN…he may have triggered Occipictal Neuralgia, too. I know I spelled that all wrong…lol…sorry.

Mine sometimes occurs on that side of my nose.

Thank you for all your feedback. I'm seeing my pain doctor tomorrow and now I feel like I'm armed with something significant.


You are your best advocate. Glad you are ready to advocate at the pain doctor!

I get bad nose pain in my nose on the inside of my nostril on my TN side. Really stings, I remember laughing as a child and juice came out my nose and it feels like that - something corrosive-feeling on the mucous membrane in my nose. Squeezing my nose (which involves a thumb on the outside and looking like I am picking my nose with a finger on the inside) helps, I think it scrambles the wayward nerve impulses. I couldn't wear glasses when first diagnosed with poor medication but I can now so there is hope! :)

I ran a fever last week, and for the first time, the pain down the side of my nose was horrible!!! I take dilaudid and that got rid of it, as well as getting the fever down, but it was a first for me and feel sorry for anyone that gets that pain!!!


wearing glasses is one of the things that can really aggravate my pain. while my nasal bridge hurts somewhat, it actually aggravates the pain in my teeth & jaw.

I live in Texas where it’s almost always hot and sunny and I can’t wear sunglasses. I wear hats almost all of th time. Squinting sets my pain off too so I’m screwed either way really unless I just stay inside all of the time. I’m still being told “just wait” on my gamma knife surgery to work. Very painful an frustrating.

Saw my doctor today. Even though he is a heavyweight at a world renown hospital (Cleveland Clinic), I get the feeling that I am educating him, and at my expense. He just "didn't want to hear it anymore." I'm scheduled for October surgery, and I get the feeling he can't wait to hand me off to the surgeon. Something's screwy there. I'm going to have to get my records and try to discern how concern and help switched to apathy. Too bad. He's a good doctor and a great guy.

I know that feeling all too well. After my second failed mvd my surgeon barely even wanted to see me for follow up. I could tell he was just “done”. It’s really too bad and an awful let down when you realize doctors are starting to give up on you.

Yeh! And I was with this guy for ten years. He's getting old and tired, I guess. My woes seem small compared to what he probably sees in a given day.

Your woes are probably the worst he sees. I don’t exactly where it is on the website, but there is a great letter from a doctor that was posted here that really gives some insight into their side of the equation.

I too have pain at the top of my nose. For me it was one of the most difficult to get rid of even after I was on the Tegretol.

I also have a really hard time wearing glasses or sun glasses.

I hope you get relief soon and can continue to wear glasses.

I just saw your update post and very sorry to know that the Doc was not more compassionate towards you and your situation!


So sorry, Henry…changing docs after so long is a huge pain, literally and figuratively. I think, sometimes, they just hit the wall of their knowledge. In the end, you will benefit from a fresh pair or eyes looking at your case…it is the getting there that is tough. Hang in there!

Gentle hugs-