Nortriptyline reviews?

I know I didn’t spell that right but I’m gonna ask my Dr about adding this to my meds. Anybody had any luck?


This is my FAVORITE drug I have tried. It has helped me a lot. I am still in pain for at least a few hours most days but it is muted, the pain never gets as bad and on "Good Days" I get hours with no pain. According to my Gastroenterologist it should sooth some of my digestive issues, and it helps me fight the depression. So all around it is good for me. It gives me pretty severe dry mouth, when I first started my tongue would crack and bleed, and my lips would stick to my teeth. But there are a ton of products that can help you keep saliva flow and many of them are good for your teeth and taste good.
It also makes me a little drowsy, but I have not had trouble with falling asleep when I don't want too. For me it just makes me fall asleep, and stay asleep better than I used to. I really recommended giving it a try!

I hope that is helpful! Good luck!

Thank you so much! How many milligrams do you take? How long did it take for it to Start helping? Are you atypical?

I am Atypical, I am a 25, year old girl, and I have been taking Nortriptyline since August 2015. I started on 25 milligrams once a day. Now I am on 25mg 3 times a day. I still have breakthrough pain, but like I said, it is much lower, I call it "live-able." I am not yet to the full dose, but I would rather not start taking the max dose for as long as possible because I REALLY don't want to become resistant to this drug. I was on Oxcarbamazapien at the same time I started the Nortrip, so I don't know exactly when it came to full strength. I would give it at least a week to build up, and maybe raise the dose before judging your reaction.

I tried elavil at the beginning of my journey ( which is in the same class) but I didn’t give it enough time…it makes you extremely tired…how do you take doses durning the day? I’d be passed out

oh, and I went off the Oxcarbimazapien because it was making me dizzy. I have been on the Nortrip alone for about 4 months now. and I am doing all right, which is AMAZING compared to how I was doing a year, or even 6 months ago. Please let me know if you have anymore questions. :)

My gp called me in the nortrip this morning…but I have to taper off my antidepressant first ( lexapro) because you can’t combine them. I hope I’m OK without it but if its what I have to do for possible pain relief I’ll do it.I hope it helps so bad. I take trileptal gabapentin and kolonopin as well. Hopefully I can elimate some if this helps. My teeth hurt so bad . does it help with your teeth pain?

I’m so glad it helps you :slight_smile:

It has helped with my Teeth. Not eliminated it totally but made it much better. I don't want to pull my teeth out any more, so I think that is a good sign. Most of my pain has been in ALL my left teeth (I say it plays "musical teeth" because different ones hurt at any given time) the left roof of my mouth, my jawbone, my cheek bone and right in front of, and under my left ear. After I got some reasonable pain control i started to notice triggers. I had heard people talk about triggers but when your best is an 8 or 9, it is hard to tell if something made it worse. Now any cold, or hot and sometimes hard foods trigger breakthrough pain, cold wind, or hot blowers in my car, mostly my triggers are temperature related.

I am on Fluoxetine (Sarafem) another antidepressant that I can take with the Nortrip. the two together have kept me pretty stable on the depression front, and chill on the anxiety side. If you feel like you are sinking as you go off the one you are on, you might talk to your doc about starting another new one once the Nortrip is figured out. It is all exhausting, isn't it.

I really hope the Nortrip helps you too, it has been a literal life saver for me. Hopefully you can get off one or more of the other TN drugs too. I don't know about you, but Gabbapenton was really hard on me. I wish you the best of luck!

My doc said you shouldn’t be on any other antidepressants since nortrip is technically an old school anti depressant… What kind of Dr are you working with? I guess they all see things differently

My GP put me on both Antidepressants with in a few months of each other. She says that they work on different chemicals in the brain so they should be ok, but if your doctor isn't comfortable I would listen to him/her. I am working with my GP and a Pain Doc specialist on my TN, I am still trying to find a Neurologist who I trust, the last one I went to was absolutely no help and freaked out and got awkward when I broke down in tears in his office once. I also have Gastro, Urology and Severe Allergy ENT things so those three doctors also have me on meds. I make sure to run everything by my GP so at least one person knows everything I am doing.

I take more pills than my father, and he is a 55 year old diabetic with Colon Cancer....It makes me feel like a walking chemistry lab. :)

Yes I work with my gp and pain doc as well. I saw a neurologist that I absolutely hated I cried too and his response was your young you could get cancer when your older what are you gonna do cry?? I almost died let’s just say I walked right out. I realized I don’t need a neurologist they can’t prescribe anything that my gp or pain doc can’t. I always end up crying at the Dr I get emotional …as much as they want to help they just don’t fully understand the pain. The good thing about my gp is that coincidently she has classic tn but is in remission right now so she TOTALLY understands

That is wonderful! I am glad you are finding some answers. The Neurologists I have seen are stuffy and stuck up and refuse to admit they might not know what to do. My GP has been really great about researching TN and ATN and I feel like she knows more about it and how to treat it than the Nuros I've seen.

I've been on this med on the lowest dose, moving up to 20mg per day now. I had horrible burning mouth syndrome symptoms. My burning mouth has already improved. My mouth only starts burning maybe 30 min before I'm due for a dose. It has helped me sleep (i take it at night) and am not having any more nightmares. I was having night terrors. It has also helped me clench my jaw less and grind my teeth.