Nortriptyline and does anyone know of any respected Neurologists in New Zealand?

Hi there does anyone have experience with Nortriptyline I have been on it aout 8 days now and whilst I find it better for the relief of pain than Tegretol, I’m worried about the weight gain issues, I have also just started taking 300mg per day Magnesium as I hear its great for the nerves. I have just had 10 glorious days off and was basically pain free, I returned to work today and back into the severe headaches/face/neck ache, aaarrggghhhh. I have been to my GP as want to get a referral to a Neurologist, does anyone know of any specialised Neurologists in New Zealand??? I live in Nelson, but will travel anywhere to try and get relief as dont want to be on painkillers and anti depressants all my life. Your thoughts are appreciated, thanks Monkeyfish/Deb

Hi, sorry for late respond, but I am just wondering how is it going with nortriptilyne? I was taking it for a month and it seemed like was helping, but one day it just stop working whatsoever. How was your experience?

Not know if you had opp yet but live just over the hill from you and can tell you my story which turn out ok