Nortriptyline 50 mg

So its been 1 month and a week of tapering up to 50 mg of nortriptyline. Some of my pains are gone but some new have popped up and some old ones are still hanging around such as the awful migraine/cluster headache which i got last night it was as awful as ever and i just had to go to sleep to get rid of it. I still have alot of burning in my face also. I havn't gotten any sharp pains or the awful crushing feeling in my jaw or my temples or bridge of my nose. I still feel pain in my teeth but not as bad i have had a few times where i feel a build up of pressure in a tooth and what would be a shock but it doesn't hurt its like an empty shock which i never had before. Another new pain which i'm guessing its just changing the pain i don't know is awful feeling of razorblades cutting my forehead and scalp. Def. not enough relief to go on but i have had some good days. The neuro said i can up to 100 mg. a day so i guess im guna up my meds again. Wondering if i should be adding a different med. to get better relief instead. Any advice?

Up it to the 100 and see what kind of relief you get. If none, then talk to the doc again. ((((hugs))))

Always up one med at a time, or up a med before adding something else -

so that you know what is working, and what is giving more side effects.

I think im getting a side effect right now …speaking of I felt like I was getting a hot flash and I looked down and my chest is all red what the heck

With Nortriptyline I'd actually go up to 150mg/day, so certainly try 100mg/day, especially since you're seeing results with 50, which is a relatively small dose.

thanks guys for the imput!! its appreciated! -shindig what mg. do you take of each if you don't mind me asking?..

I have the type 2 pain / may be neuropathic i'm not sure mine started with a tooth then they did a root canal and i ended up in more pain then more dental work followed so i'm not sure its all a jumbled mess of pain. I orginally tried tegretol for 3 days and it seemed to up my pain so i stopped those. They did find compressions on both sides of my mri which is really scary its just odd cause i don't have shocks at all. and both the neurosurgeon and the neurologist said my pain sounded atypical. but the neurosurgeon found the compression and wanted to do the surgery but i'm way scared to jump into that!

you won't believe this i had a dream last night i was getting a mvd it was very vivid I felt them putting the iv in my hand them putting me to sleep and then waking up and the doctor had blood all over him and they told me they couldn't find the compression so they sewed me back up and then they did the other side only this time when they tried to put me to sleep it didn't work and i could feel it. How horrid is that?

I've read that there are many people out there who have compressions and never get TN pain in their entire life. It makes me wonder if an MVD is an effective because it massages/moves the nerve more than just padding the compression. I know people who had an MVD and didn't have a compression, and just a slight manipulation of the nerve helped them. And then I also know people who had an MVD and had a compression, and it didn't help them at all. There's still a lot to learn about this condition, and I hope we see these breakthroughs soon. I'm 38 and I can't imagine dealing with this another 30 years.

That's a crazy dream! Nightmare is definitely a better description.

Def a nightmare! Even worse I think im developing shocks I keep feeling a pressure build up in a tooth then something like a empty shock im worried

I maybe doing a double post - computer weird today

Have you asked for Prescription Lidocaine mouthwash / and topical cream or patches???? do so ASAP