Noise as a trigger

Do loud noises seem to cause attacks for other people? Loud noises seem to be triggers for me, as well as wind and cold air and talking… just wondering.

Yes, vibrations, loud noise, cold air, wind all trigger mine. I sleep with a hat on in the winter to help. I have had to stop using air conditioning altogether. My husband is a musician, and I can no longer go to his performances. I tried earplugs, and they helped a little. I don't watch tv anymore, the loud commercials hurt, but i don't miss that at all.

Wind and cold air are definitely triggers and the tegretol does not help with that trigger for me.

YES!!! YES!!! YES!! The music was very loud at church on Sunday and it was barely bearable. It has been a very long time since I had had this happen because I avoid the really noisy places. Did not expect it at church! You do need to know, being a newbie here, while I don't take joy in your pain, I does comfort me to know that yours and Jenny's response are encouraging to me, especially after the garbage I have been put through. blessings~~

I had noticed that the pain is at what I call ‘a low roar’ when I am at a quiet place such as work (my quiet desk). But when I go home to teenagers (loud teens) and a television going the pain gets much worse.

I am very sensitive to loud noises, places etc. My husband and I no longer go to concerts, to the bar to meet friends for drinks, or even parties because of my TN. The right side of my face swells up and the noise is unbearable. TN has changed my life but you make adjustments and role with the punches if you can.

I am sensitive to loud noises (church, concerts, etc.) so I do not go to those places or participate where I know there will be a loud noise level. Any time there is a sudden, loud noise (fork dropping on a plate, child screaming, door slamming) I will instantly have pain. This is the only thing I know that will ALWAYS trigger my pain. Every other time there is no rhyme or reason...I have to explain this each time I go to the neurologist that my pain doesn't coincide with my cycle, stress, hot/cold, touch/etc. Loud noise is the one thing I know will trigger it - I carry earplugs everywhere I go in case I need them.

Hi all,

I'm really new here, and I'm still not 100% sure if I actually have TN (I may be in denial), but ear is killing me...probably 75-80% of the waking day. I am so sensitive to loud noises (or even semi-loud noises) that they make me wince. And the clincher...I AM A MUSICIAN! A SINGER! The worst type of musician for a TN sufferer...I am guessing. I have not practiced with my band in 2 weeks since this all started, and I have not really sung either...and singing to me is like running to fitness nut...if I don't do it, let it out, then I feel all weird and out of sorts; unhappy. I am deep down hoping that it is a dental issue and that it will all go away and I can be semi-normal again. Just while we're on triggers, I find that I get a lot of pain if I lean forward or tilt my head towards my chest...I can feel the blood rushing to the area (I have cheek, jaw, ear, teeth/gums, throat pain, and prior to starting Lyrica I had migraine pain) but it's not a normal blood rush's a painful one! Does anyone else have this?

Tree :)

Yes!!! I am super sensitive to loud noises. Mostly from the vibrations they cause. I was thrown into a frenzy and took a week to recuperate from an MRI. If I am at the mall and it’s busy or I go to a movie I wear earplugs to dull the noise but if there is too much pounding beats I have to leave. Alas no concerts or parties for me. The swirly disco lights and strobes bug me too. I am invited to a wedding at the end of August and I know I will have to leave when the party gets started :frowning: I used to get the party started… I miss the old me.

Noise absolutely triggers me. Both loud, sharp noise (high treble), and constant medium, or even low, noise, like a crowded café. I choose to do things thereafter. For instance, I go out to pubs I know are quiet, and I had to change office because constant rumbling noise from a construction site set me off. Amitryptiline, which I am currently increasing, gives me a tinnitus that actually triggers me in the long run. Thankfully that subsides when I go up really slowly.

Somehow, I can still sing and listen to music, thankfully! I am in a choir which is usually not a problem - a loud soul choir. And I just went to a great music festival without getting triggered. The key for me is how loud it is (with earplugs), and that there is not a blend of noises (like a talking party with background music).

Loud noises, light, and cold wind have affected me. Also molds, formaldehydes (glue in rv's and sizing in new clothes), and chemicals in cleaning supplies and/or lotions and personal care products.

By the way, has anyone tried the silicone earplugs? They are truly fantastic. I get pain from the foam ones, as they go so deeply. Also, they generally are not that effective (though great for concerts). The siicone ones effectively create a seal over your ear opening without being stuck so deeply, and block much more sound. In the UK the pharmacy stocks them. They are also washable and can be used extensively without warping. Keep them in the little box tho, they do lose effectiveness when dusty but then you just wash them , and they are good as new).

You get them really cheap on ebay too. :-)