No pain for 8 days! Is it possible the meds work? Will this last?

I have only been suffering from TN since July. Tried gabapentin to no avail. Lyrica at 50 mg 3xday helped, but not nearly enough. I suggested neuro increase dose and now I am taking 75 mg 3xday. After about a week of the 75 mg, the pain just stopped. No pain for 8 days! I am now to the point where the Lyrica doesn't usually make me tired. Can it be that the Lyrica is working? I also had my doctor change my antidepressant to Cybalta. Keeping my fingers crossed!


It’s possible you’re having a remission, it’s also possible that the meds are helping. I’m glad to hear you’ve had a great 8 days. I’m sure it feels fantastic!

I too am on Lyrica and have been since last January. Of the three types of medication I’ve been on in the last 6 years, Lyrica is teh best in terms of side effects. I’m happy to hear you are having pain free days now and hoep tshi remission is lengthy and full of a lot of ice cream, laughing, and socializing! :slight_smile: