Ning frustration!

I downloaded 21+ pictures on 3 Ning websites until early morning hours. I watched them play on the slideshow on the main page, But today they are all gone in LWTN!! I wonder why. Can someone tell me what I might have done wrong? Also, I see many have a space at the top of their page to type a comment. I don’t have one. I looked all over my page to see if it was somewhere else so I could move it, and I don’t see it anywhere else. Any ideas?

Ninggggggg, I think it's something about "ning", my PenLady friend!

I find it slow loading at all Ning sites, Sheila. I recall an earlier discussion, that I can't seem to find, though I sometimes get lost on our homepage:P) Perhaps these links will help:

Ning Help - Home:

Ning's Official Blog on Social Networking Sites » Make Your Network As Fast As Possible:

I'm working with a new Windows 7, just finding-Ning loads slowly, and yes, sometimes I hit the wrong button and --- ---just like that!

I believe, you can get that "space at the top of their page to type a comment" on "your Page" [Settings]...hope this helps you a bit.

Sheila, my response time is often dictated by "Facial Attraction", my spin on the movie - "a one night stand comes back to haunt him". Take care, bob

Thanks Bob!

Yes I sure understand that there are delays to messages here, as people often can't think or reply until their face pain is more bearable.

Take care!