Night time nightmare

At the moment, I am definitely noticing that my TN starts kicking off late at night and is relentless until the early morning. Around 11/12, I will suddenly get pains that are unstoppable with anything, heat packs, ice packs, cheek sucking, cheek rubbing, hot water - none of it will stop the pain.

I’ll go to sleep around 10:30/11 and will wake up about an hour and a half later with the most excruciating pains that won’t stop. If I stay up past that time, they come on their own and are unbearably irritating because I so badly want to sleep and can’t.

They increase dramatically if I lie down or put my head horizontal. I find myself up on the laptop all night long, pressing on my temple or clenching my jaw/cheek sucking/swallowing to get the circuit to break, or I have to just let it run rampant and let the lightning take over and over. I’m so tired right now, can’t get any rest. Have to prop myself up with pillows to try and get comfy so I can sleep upright, but with the incessant pain, this is near impossible. I eventually will pass out around 5/6/7 in the morning until about lunch time. This is one of the main reasons I am booked off work - I can’t continue with this kind of sleeping pattern.

When I wake up the pain is gone and my TN is only painful when biting/chewing/talking/cleaning my teeth/drinking something. It doesn’t flare up if i turn my head, put it down, touch it - basically none of the normal triggers besides the ones mentioned.

This is not something I have had in a while where it keeps me up all night (it used to before and I had the same problems as here, but it was really bad during the day as well - basically non stop). Is there any reason why it should be so bad at night all of a sudden? Is it because I eat at night and it’s painful from that? I’m gentle when washing my face at night and just pat my cream on, so I am taking care of external influences on it.

Hi Ro,

I have my dinner about 5 hours before going to sleep, so any earlier and I’ll be having dinner in the afternoon, but I try to cut down on chewing on anything closer to bed time as well. The chewing hurts all through the day, so it is one of those normal triggers for me (I think the same area that is irritated by talking is the one that chewing triggers too).

I’ve not had problems with using the laptop before bed, but I’ll give it a try tonight. Going to be a long one without it, but the results could be worth it :slight_smile: It’s bad that I use the laptop in bed anyway, but I use it here instead of the lounge as I need to keep my legs up because of my DVT and being in bed with them horizontal is better for me than with them down on the couch.

Not got night guards - do these help with the TN?

Hope your pain is manageable today :slight_smile: I’ve had a good one so far and good blood test results so am hoping for a hat trick and a good night as well!

I wasn’t offended anywhere by anything at all :slight_smile: We seem to get our wires crossed a lot :frowning:

Sorry to hear about your troubles on top of TN as well. I hope things get better soon for you :slight_smile:
Take care

One night, my migraine was so painful. I was sweating bullets, couldn’t breathe. I wanted the aircon on cuz I was hot, then I wanted it turned off cuz the noise was making my headache worse. I didn’t know whether to sit up or lay down. I only felt better after I was rushed to the ER. After taking lyrica, I have less pain. The aura is there but at least you can manage it. I’m also having nightmares. Lyrica does that to me when I take them before going to bed. I also get dizzy all night and wake up woozy. My TN interferes with my daily activities. It’s hard to function because lyrica makes you sleepy.

I’m sorry to hear you aren’t having a better reaction to your meds Veronica. I have never been on Lyrica before, but I know that when I started on my other meds, I was very sleepy/dozy/woozy for the first week or so until I got used to them. It can’t be easy when you are dizzy all night though or your TN hindering your daily functionality so badly :frowning: Have they tried anything else for it yet?

I think I might need to be changing medication tomorrow as my TN seems to be occurring over the ones they have me on now, and they are both already quite high dosages. I’ll ask about Lyrica too.

I luckily don’t get migraines, they must be awful on top of the TN and at night, everything is worse. Hope you slept well last night at least and today is better for you :slight_smile: