Night pain

So for just over a week now I’ve been getting pain right when I hop into bed. I’m still sitting up, usually reading or talking to hubby. There’s no real build up and my days generally pain free then whammy it hits. It lasts much longer than my old attacks, is intense and covers the side of my face rather than localised area. It freezes me with pain, can’t even swallow or close my mouth. I can lie on the bed during the day and not get it and don’t have it in the morning. It’s not rubbing on the pillow and I’m not overly tired. It’s the strangest thing. Anyone else get this? Is there anything that helps? All I can think is that I started acupuncture for it 2 weeks ago when I started getting small shocks back during the day after 6 months in remission. I’ll do anything not to use medication.

Have you tried a heat pack or hot water bottle, placed over the pain or behind your ear ?

Hi Karyn, If you know what your triggers are check these against when you get into bed. For example, for me light is a trigger. I found I was getting attacks a lot when I was reading (on my ipad) turns out it was the brightness of the screen. I now have it down really low and more aware of light. For example it might be the bedside lamp's too bright, or you're looking directly into the ceiling light, or if wind is a trigger, might be a breeze in through the window or door. If you're not sitting up properly supported, may be the way your neck is bent. Try and figure out if any of your known triggers are present that may help provide an answer. :)