New to the condition

Greeting from Toronto,

I am very happy to be part of this group. Can’t say the same for the diagnosis of TN however. As I am in the age group where pain/suffering discussions can dominate idle chatter I am struggling to not talk about the recent new pain.

My view of the medical profession (in this country) is positive however I’m dismayed by the speed that prescriptions are offered. Gabapentin was suggested as a first line med in the event that the pain progressed. My local pharmacist pretty much said it can be difficult to handle- I filled the script but haven’t taken any yet.

I’ll spend some time mining the threads and information on this site and see what I can garner. Were I to have a single biding wish it would be that a combination of alternate medicines and diatary shifts would somehow make a difference in the intensity and severity of the pain. I’ve long imagined that the journey through senior years could have its challenges- guess this is one of them.

Thanks in advance for taking time to read this. Best to all.

I’m 66. I can identify. I have a website about eating healthy but it’s not a lot of use for this outside of the basics. If you use gabapentin I would get the time release. I was groggy all the time with the other so I went off of it. I use mainly numbing cream and Tramadol only when absolutely neessary. If needed I will applu a salon patch at night. I have TN2 cause by the shingles virus invading the trigeminal nerve. I pray you find what works for you.