New to site - any advice on eating?

I am new to the site and have been prescribed by my doctor with Carbamazepine which seems to have helped as I no longer have the multiple attacks but still get single attacks especially when eating. I tend to eat stuff I don't have to chew and sit with my head on one side using a small spoon and swallow as quickly as possible to try and avoid an attack but I can still get 4 or 5 attacks during one meal - so I tend to give up before I finish the meal. Can't really identify anything that particularly triggers an attack. Any advice on eating out there? Also I seem to have developed an itchy rash which I suspect is down to the medication - any thoughts/advice?

Hi, David, can you report in discussions? That is the best place for questions like yours.


When my trigger point reaches my palate, I use a "Ninja" food grinder. E.g., last week I liquefied a cooked chicken leg. with cooked veggie + cooked pasta + chicken broth. I poured it into a mug, put my tongue on the trigger point and chug as much of the 'soup' as I can without stopping (it hurts to do this with my tongue, but by covering the trigger I find it better than the liquid hitting it with each gulp). You need to eat, esp. if you opt for a surgical treatment in the near future.

Good luck with this.