New to group and question on Dilaudid

Hello all. So thankful for the info and support of this website. I've had nerve pain under my right bottom teeth off/on for 4 years. Only diagnosis that seems to fit is TN. No tooth problem found. Do not tolerate anti-seizure meds well. Have had luck recently with low doses of opiate meds. Finally had first appt. with a Pain Dr. last week. He was very understanding and interterested in helping to find an answer. The neuro I see is nice enough but the only option he has ever given me is seizure meds and more seizure meds...doesn't seem interested in any other option. Anyway, the pain dr. suggested I try the Cymbalta my primary dr. had given me (haven't had the nerve to try it yet as in the past it really made me feel spacy). He also wrote me rx for Dilaudid 4mg and Ambien 5mg as I've had a really hard time falling asleep lately. I have tried both and I think the Dilaudid is giving me a nauseating motion sickness type headache on the day after I take it at night. I have not taken it during the day due to this. Thought it was the Ambien, but after not taking it last night and only taking the Dilaudid, I had another one of these headaches today. I had hoped he would give me Percocet as that is what worked before for the ATN pain. When I mentioned that it made me somewhat itchy he wrote for Dilaudid instead. Now, I'm afraid if I call back and ask to switch to Percocet he will think I'm just wanting more meds. Not sure how to handle. He was very nice and in no way made me feel uncomfortable asking about pain meds in our meeting. Don't want to jeopardize the relationship I feel started on a positive note. Has anyone else had undesirable side effects from Dilaudid?

I found when I started dilaudid it was the only thing that finally helped my pain and for the first 3 months or so I felt really spacy, dizzy etc. But you will regain you balance and thought process. I found i had trouble talking on it at first but if it helps for pain than its worth it. I'm surprised they gave u 4mg dilaudid. They gave me 2mg every 4 hours. Its too bad u don't handle seizure meds well because I found they really helped for the twitching attacks. I hope you find something that works for u. My pain doctor seemed nice at first then after a certain point he seemed to stop beleiving i was in pain. And the shortly after he discharged me. Sure, give up on a chronic pain patient cause they have chronic pain? Arg. Anyways, hope that helps.

Just the opposite, dilaudid was the only opiate I could take after trying most, if not all, over 3,4 years. I had no side affects,oops, just constipation. I'm sure that's a given with opiods. I also started at 4 mgs a day. My problem with dilaudid came 10 - 12 yrs. later.Over the yrs.My doses kept going up and up.At one point up to 16 mgs a day. I would get them down to half then then back up, it was a mess after that.That's a whole story for another time.Wishing all a beautiful summer day with as little pain as possible!!

Diaudid in the pill form gave me some migraines from hell the first few days, in fact any new or changes in dosages gives these. What I have found is taking some aspirin takes care of that. As far as this medication goes this should be given to patients that have been taking opioids for awhile (such Vicodin or perocrt). Diaudid or Hydromorphin is a very powerful opioid. I was only given this after 5 months of Vicodin started giving liver problems. Here is a link below about diaudid or Hydromorphin. As far as asking for the lower strength opioid talk with you doctors and tell them you believe this is medication is inappropriate dosage or medication in your treatment now as the drug is a little too powerful, do this very politely and nicely and after you have read up on it.

I want to given a couple warnings. First this medication is very harsh when your body becomes depended on it, and you have to discontinue use or therapy with Hydromorphin. This because how rapidly or quickly it leaves the body.

Second please be very careful on getting opioids from another doctor that is not the pain management doctor even if you have not signed any medication contracts. Let them know your general doctor prescribed the medication as well. I have known people to be dropped from their PM doctors because they received opioids from their general doctor. I don’t want to scare you but just make you aware of these things.

One last note. This stinks as well the majority of PM doctors I have come across will prescribed opioids until all other possible medications or procedures have been done or your medical history shows that this has been already or are not a canadit for a procedure. This can be really frustrating when you know something works well for you and the doctor seems unwilling to prescribe it. I believe the PM doctors do for a few different factors the FBI is scrutinizing PM doctors and this doctors do not want to lose their practice go to jail their license be fined or sued, they also deal with a very large amount of drug abusers wanting opioids, last this class of medication should be last resort or the life jacket meaning everything has been tried and they do not want to mess that up or have patient on long term opioids who could have just used another non opioid medication or procedure. I’m sure there are other reasons too I’m just having a brain fart on it. Any ways don’t take it personal or have that fear they think your a pill jockey.

I really hope you are feeling better and that you are getting relief from the pain. Have a great day that is pain free.

Oh here is the link on the medication you are taking and have questions on