New pain in my teeth?!

New pain :frowning: all the sudden I’m having trouble brushing my molars & chewing food on my molars. Even on the right side- all if my pain is always on the left. If I chew thru it for a minute or so it subsides but it’s really painful for that time. Like cold sensitivity on all teeth. It a horrible.
I’ve been suffering for 8 years & I’ve never had sensitivity on the right- EVER! Now I’m scared it migrating to the right! I just don’t know if I could handle that!
I have a neurostimulator & Medtronics reprogrammed so stuff last week , so maybe that’s it but I’m not sure.
I’m so depressed- on so many meds- OxyContin, nucynta, tegrotol, gralise, & brintilx & flexeril. I’m 36!!
Anybody in my boat to shitsville??

Kimberly, I DID have the same thing happen to me out of the blue after a routine gentle dental cleaning. I have had this very very Atypical Facial Pain - I’m told it’s not TN but “involves” the Trigeminal Nerve. Huh?? What’s that mean? But anyway, I’ve had it for 8 years - 6 of those years only monthly episodes easily managed with a dose of pain med plus an Imitrex (no one knows why Imitrex has to be part of the combo - it’s a migraine med but does not work on my migraines - I told you, VERY ATYPICAL! lol). I had 2X a year dental cleanings, even a couple of fillings in the first 7 years. No pain ever after those. Then last year, after my cleaning, extreme pain appeared in my upper gums and molars!! It’s been nonstop ever since! I have my face pain on the left side only and the gum/teeth pain is on the left side only. All I can think of is that the past 3 years I’ve had extreme stress enter my life. A chronic every day situation from outside that I am not in control of. Since then my monthly “inconvenient” easy to manage pain condition became a DAILY EXTREME PAIN CONDITION - pain meds every day and ER IV pain meds when it’s unbearable. I’m not sure if you have recent stress that could have triggered your new gum pain but I figured it’s worth a thought. Also, I skipped a year of cleanings last year - petrified of getting worse, decided I wanted clean teeth! So I brought my pain meds to take immediately if I got any pain there. But I realized since I’ve always had sensitive teeth, my hygienist rubs this flavored numbing gel all over my gums & teeth with a QTip before every cleaning for years. So I had an epiphany at that moment she began. I asked if I could get some of that gel to use when my gums/molars act up. I figured it could cut down on pain meds maybe. My dentist had prescribed a lidocaine mouthwash after the pain first appeared. It was too liquidy and got I to my throat & made me feel I couldn’t breathe! Plus it lasted only a few minutes. But this gel is very thick and stays put on gums & teeth. And it’s numbing effect lasts much longer. It’s not OTC or RX - it a professional product just for dentists. But, bless his compassionate heart, my dentist who knows how much I’ve suffered with pain especially during these 3 stressful years, he sold me one of his supply! It is soooo helpful. When gums/ teeth first start acting up, I put the gel all over the gums and the teeth too. It often negates my need for pain meds. Here’s the info so you can ask your dentist or if he won’t sell it to you, my dear husband found it online & surprised me by buying me 3!! (We pain sufferers get excited about the weirdest things!!) BENZO-JEL mfg by Henry Schein co. It’s 20% BENZOCAINE compared to OTC Oragel is 5% Benzocaine which is useless. The online website is: Good luck. Hope I’ve helped.
PS: "Boat to shitsville? I’m a fellow traveler FOR SURE! You are not alone.