New meds

started on baclofen yesterday and have been pain free all day today.

It's like a miracle.

Judith, that is wonderful news! I am happy to hear success. I tried baclofen years ago, and had to stop because it gave me bad pain in the back of my head where the tri nerve is located. It did not help me either. But I am doing well now with the Effexor. Yes, I been walking around telling my family that I am amazed! So I get what you mean… I’m thankful for every pain free day that I have. :smiley:

min, I took effexor for years for depresssion and chem. imbalance it saved my life. I haven’t taken it for about 3 yrs. Now that i think about about the onslought of my teeth pain. Thanks for sharing it will be a good back-up in case the baclofen stops working. This condition is a constant trial and error of meds. I am still taking 50mg of oxycodone and 3500mg of tegretal which I hope to come down off. Yesterday my first painfree day was such a blessing I now have hope where there was none. best to you Judith