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New Jersey MVD Surgeons


Looking for surgeon in or near Central New Jersey for an MVD. My neurologist wasn't all that helpful and I'd love to find someone who has had experience with Dr. in the area.



Not NJ, but Dr. Jeffrey Brown on Long Island, NY was my neurosurgeon for MVD on both the right and left side. He is an expert in TN in all its forms, and all treatments. I traveled from Georgia to see him, and highly recommend him.

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I have been researching for NJ docs also.i live in NC but Ny and NJ docs
Make me comfortable.
Check out Dr McLaughlin from Princeton Spine.He has MVD skills under Dr Janetta.
Jefferson hospital in philly I also hear has a great TN pain center.
Hope that helps

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Dr Anthony D’Ambrosio. He’s in Bergen, does surgery at Valley Hospital. He did my MVD. I adore him and recommend him HIGHLY!!

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We visited Dr D’Ambrosio and he diagnosed glossopharylgeal neuritis and Geniculate neuritis. Would you share your experience here or send to my email ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■? Thanks