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TJ here. The subject has come up often enough and we have had enough requests we once again discussed whether or not we should have discussion pointed direct towards Facial pain that started following dental procedures. These discussions have always been a minefield as invariably instead of support they lead to anger, lawsuits (threatened or real) finger pointing, and just general chaos that is NOT supportive to other members and more often than not has the exact opposite effect. BUT there is some sharing of information and strategies than can be helpful. SO we’ll try it. BUT despite my strong feelings towards a pretty open discussion, anything any of the mods find even a teenyweeny bit out of the realm of sharing and supportive will “poof” I personally think this can be helpful rather than dancing around it in other threads. So lets work together to make it that way…

Oh thank you,thank you.
Maybe a strong notice at the top.Maybe ask people to go to private Chat if they are going to get into legal limbo.
I think we all sign a form of teeny tiny writing before we have dental stuff done(at least here in Canada)that the dentists have their bases covered.
I just would like to find out what works for people like me.
Thank You

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