New Canadian Pain drug laws. Will You Be Affected?

I may have told you this, can't remember. If not, on Feb 29 Canada banned oxycodone to anyone but cancer patients. I don't take it so I thought it wouldn't affect me, but when I wennt to my Dr. this week, she gave me an earful about how the law now says no one but cancer victims should be on opiate pain meds, and she believed it! I told her there are a lot of conditions out there more painful than cancer and that last for decades, unlike cancer. She said hundreds of thousands will be taken off their pain meds. (this will cause suicides!) This law won't stop abusers from getting their stuff illegally, it only stops lawful citizens in pain from getting help. They also changed the oxycodone so if you take more than 1 you'll get sick! What cancer victim needs to be made sicker by his pain meds?

Is there anyone who has heard an arful from their own doctors? Will your Dr. keep you on your pain meds or take them away? I'm going to do what I can from bed to get this changed, with other pain sufferers.

Thanks for sharing this, Sheila. I’ve enjoyed your posts and find the information and knowledge to be emplwering. Many tiimes after reading something you’ve posted, it will trigger a memory of something I read or other ideas and then I research even deeper. Thanks again! Blessings to you, my Friend!

Thanks Sheila. I haven't checked into the site in a while and wanted to catch up before my neuro appointment this month. I am very disappointed. My GP and I have been discussing the use of opiates as an emerg. med and now this looks like it will not be an option. Back the drawing board - many steps backward for those who legitimately need these meds.

Oh that makes me so sad for chronic pain patients in Canada :( My doctor has waffled on about opiates should only really be used in cancer patients which is such a load of crap, why should people suffer, there's no reason why it shouldn't be for anyone in chronic pain. I am on oxycodone (I convinced him that I really needed it) and it's one of the only drugs that works on my background pain (I have ATN) ... good thing I'm not in Canada I guess!

I have ATN too Porcelina. I bet you were thanking heaven when your Dr. allowed you to have the pain meds ifhe thinks opnly cancer patients need pan meds. I was in the E.R. today and everyone was talking about it and one lady sais she hopes she gets a really slow growing cancer just so she canget pain relief. I thought maybe I'd be sent home ot given a small dosage of painkiller there with something else that makes it work better, but they were generous because they checked my heart and it was s erious, and they didn't want my heart to stop again from the pain. Thanking heaven that I got good care. It was a Dr. from out of town. Thanks for your kind comments.


Thanks so much LyndaS *blush*. How very kind of you!

Elaine, it does not hurt to ask. My Dr. and my mother's are willing to help us and explain to the gov't why we need opiate medicine. Your Dr. may be willing to help, especially if its for emergencies and not a daily thing. I am trying to get people together to change the law, but its not working cuz obviously if someone is sick enough to need strong pain meds, they are probably too ill to write to their leaders or sign petitions or submit their stories. Really, this will not stop people who buy drugs illegally. It will just stop legitimate pain patients from getting help.