New and confused about doctors

I have read that many of you have had surgical procedures. Have you seen neurosurgeons, or neurologists. I tried to make an appointment with a neurosurgeon, whose name I found on the facial pain association website, for an evaluation and was told they don’t see patients for TN.
I am still trying to get a handle on all of this. I do not have a definitive diagnosis as of yet, but am pretty sure I have TN in some form. I would appreciate your thoughts.

Christine, I think what usually happens, well at least with me. Is that the neurologist will refer you to the neurosurgeon if he thinks you need surgery. I would try going thru your doctor's office and see if they can recommend a neurologist for you. Good luck. Min

A neurologist will assess and treat TN with medications. A neurosurgeon does surgery relating to the nerves. Probably fewer than 10% of them ever do skull surgeries, and of those, even fewer do surgeries for TN. As a starting point for doctors in your area, see the other part of our "Doctors" tab in the menu abaove.

Regards, Red

There is only a hospital for GA. where Christine is located.Red.

Some of us had local neurologist -- and flew to another state for neurosurgeon

Keep researching!