Neurosurgeon MVD Specialist for TN

How to locate the best Neurosurgeon specialist on Microvascular Decompression (MVD) operation for Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) in the province of Ontario, Canada ? and how to get connected with him?

Dr. Michael Tymianski, Toronto
416 603 5896
He is excellent!

Bubbie3, Hi, Grateful for your info. If possible, appreciate your experience sharing on your case with Dr. Michael Tymianski ? I understand from my readings that the neurosurgeon is most critical to the quality of recovery and post operation side effects. Like MVD, a minimum of potential 13+ negative post operation side effects…Thanks.

What does he do i have atyicsl face pain and globus hysterics and rhinorrea 2 sinus surgeries implants in. Nose to protect nose and carlidge

He is a Neurosurgeon.

I was painfree from my MVD for 4 years, then I had to go back on medication.

Dear Bubbie3:

Why it relapse after 4 yrs? Medication side-effects are also terrible things to live with, what is your plan for next step?


Unfortunately, MVD is not guaranteed to last forever.
Thankfully I have no side effects from the meds I am on, since I have no other options.

I had a MVD, didn’t work. Then 2 Rzitomy shots, didn’t work. Then 2 Gamma Knife, didn’t work.
FINALLY, went on verapamil 240 mg and topamax when needed and been pain free for 6 years :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:


Thanks for your support and experience sharing!



Would you mind sharing the causes or reasons why your MVD failed? If possible, the Glycerol Rizotomy and Gamma knife? Thanks.


They worked for a few years but the nerve found the cranial again and again… now I can’t have any more surgery because the nerve is so thin. Could cause a stroke. I am doing great now on 1 pill a day :smile: however the MVD could work for someone else doesn’t mean that it might not work for you.