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Neurostimulation for V2 neuropathy


Hi everyone. Kinda new to posting. I’m 43 yr old who in 2004 had an upper molar extracted. This was the beginning of my pain. My maxillary nerve(infraorbital nerve) was damaged. The oral surgeon fractured the maxillary sinus. I have had injections, pulsed ablutions, Botox injections, many meds and an unsuccessful MVD. I suffer from Traumatic trigeminal neuropathy. Was hoping for anyone who has had success with Neurostimulation?? The meds are wearing me down. I love my job and hoping I could get some support and ideas on this. My pain is aching and burning. Not too bad in morning but as day progresses it gets worse.
Thanks in Advance

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Hi Christopher,
I’m so sorry for your pain, but I do admire your ability to continue working! Your pain sounds similar (but not exactly) like mine. I had a dental/sinus injury combined with Lyme disease, and have had many differing diagnoses. I’ve tried loads of treatments as well (3 rounds of ketamine comas, radiofrequency ablation which was horribly botched, Botox, etc.) I’m currently experimenting with ketamine nasal spray, only 2 days so far, so no conclusions as yet. The only thing that has truly given (partial) relief so far is opioids. Not the preferable treatment, but it keeps me from banging my head into the wall (most days). I use alternating hot and cold packs. My favorite is the Headache Hat because it stays cold for a very long time. Hang in there. I hear there are some promising treatments in clinical trials.


I have a stimulator implant with the leads on V1 & V2. It will be 2 years at the end on June. It has been a great help, i was at my max with medication and still able to work. With my medication and stimulator my pain level was down to 1-2 on my pain scale and stayed there for the 1st year. in the last year my pain has been increasing slowly. I have changed my settings and still have relief. It was a life saver for me.



Look at my posting on Cyberknife treatment (not Gammaknife)…


Want to thank you all for reply’s
So lost on what to do next sometimes. Really helps to talk to others about this. Others even most docs have no clue.