Neuropathy, TN, past osteomyelitis, could it be NICO

Help, I am hitting walls. A quick background on me. I had osteomyelitis of the mandible but never had debridement done because of complicated surgeries before the osteomyelitis was detected. Then the pain came. Type 1 and 2 TN and also nueropathy. I had an mvd and some of the issues were solved but not the worst which is my type 2 symptoms in lower and upper teeth - crushing, boring, burning, aching pain all the time. I also had my massater muscle detached twice and scraped of scar tissue and it is feels like a shriveled up walnut.
The tooth, and cheek pain is out of control and I am wondering if I permanent damage to my nerve due to the osteomyelitis and never having the dead bone debrided. My surgeon says hold off. My pain anesthesiologist is out of ideas (as are all neurologists I have seen) and he is recommending Mayo Clinic or NHI since they can practice more research based medicine. The pain is getting worse and I am getting no where on research since my history is so unique and doesn’t fit into a neat little box. Has anyone had a history like mine and do you have any guidance? I have been going to specialists for 6 years but all of them have run out of ideas.
Thank you for any help or a direction to start looking in.

I cannot even imagine.
I say go to one of the specialty places.