Neuropathy after MVD

It has been quite a while for me to post anything. In September it will be a full 2 years from my MVD. My neuropathy has improved. The heaviness in the jaw is only intermittent. Usually brought on by stress or overstimulation. I no longer have teeth pain. 2 months ago I had two implants put on my lower right side. I was so frightened it would trigger the TN. I was sedated and the implants were put in with additional bone graft. I found a wonderful surgeon that used 2 small screw in barrels that sit perfectly in the bone. I did have a bout with TN pain. But it subsided after 2 weeks. The discomfort came and went. I’m determined to take care of myself, rather then letting this disease dictate. I’m still on Lamactal 100mg. I also take cyproheptadine 4 mg at night. If I start to feel “electric” I stop whatever I’m doing, retreat to a quiet place and take a Valium. Doesn’t happen a lot. I’m doing 5 miles 6 days a week. I run half walk the other. It really helps me cope. Wind is still an issue. I also have to watch breathing in cool air, as that’s a trigger. I’m trying to live as normally as possible. Started botox 8 weeks ago. I had a follow up last week to see if they helped. Absolutely! The first week I thought I made a mistake, but by the second my neck and head pain stopped. I have an issue with the muscle on the right side of my face, jumping. It stopped. Going back in May for another round. It entails a total of 21 injections. My insurance company approved the injections. I feel better physically, balance is better, foggiest is gone. Not leaving my keys in the refrigerator or the stove on anymore. I don’t know how long this will last. Maybe this is it. Maybe no better, no worse, who knows. No one is promised tomorrow. I push a little harder when I feel strong. I’ve gone on enough now. I think of you all often. Sometimes when Im running I’ll push another quarter mile all the while thinking and saying little prayers for those still dealing. We are after all one huge collective. Maybe we are just a really rare special breed of survivors. No other words. Much love.

Keep on truckin'! Love your post! That's the type of attitude I like to hear!