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Neuropathic pain nerve injection or electrical current

Hi All
I am pretty set in my mind that I am having neuropathic pain in the mental branchlet of the trigeminal nerve.This was most likely a needle stick from a dental visit.
I really do not want to continue taking meds and I don’t want to live a life in pain.does anyone know WHO would do a nerve injection of corticosteroids or use an electrical current to deal with this little bit of a nerve once and for all.
No doctor has suggested this yet and I am trying to get ducks in a row for the next guy in 3 weeks.
Any and all ideas welcome.

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For Neuropathic pain, I have a peripheral nerve stimulator a PNS system implanted no meds worked for me

I know someone who does corticosteroid injections. Whereabouts are you located?

I hope it is working well.
Who did the implant?Who suggested it?
I want to get this thing resolved one way or another this year.
So disgusted with the passing me around from one doc to another with no one saying they will be the one to co-ordinate and help.My family doctor is very conservative.
Thanks for the info

Hi fellow Canadian
I am in Toronto.
I am just out to the Medical Marijuana prescriber.I had him sign me up with Mettrum last time so I could try their red oil and they have been out for quite a while,so my oil supply is dwindling.He will have to sign me up with someone else.
My new acronym is PITA.Pain in the
Once you have a script you should be able to buy from whatever legal supplier has the meds.

I’m on the other side of the country, so probably of no help to you. Try contacting justjane37, one of the mods. She is near Toronto and knows a lot of resources there.

Hi Toothache
You have provided valuable information.
Thank You

I’d really recommend looking at Calmare therapy. My wife had the treatment with Dr D’Amato three months ago. Right after the treatment she went into remission for three months. Looks like she may be coming out of remission now. Pain still very low, but if it increases we will go back for a refresher treatment. If we have to go get a treatment for 2-3 days every 3 months, more than worth it.

Have you seen neurologists? I had 2 shots and they did absolutely nothing :cry:. The only thing that helps me is Tegratol and a little cannabis. Good luck :wink:.

I sort of have a neurologist.Attached to the pain clinic that has been passing me around like a hot potato.And they pass me to the next guy but the appointment could be 3 months away.
I am glad you found something that works.
I am experimenting with taking amitryptiline throughout the day as just taking it at night had bad side effects for me.
I had a shot of cortisone in my back a couple years ago that did nothing-just aggravate .I am thinking taking prednisone for a week would help-but the guys on the street don’t sell that.(just joking,so far)

Hi Ellen,

My neuro suggested to try a round of IV steroid (Solumedrol) to see if it helps my TN. It didn’t :confused:. I didn’t expect it would. I just start my day with 400 mg Tegratol and take more through the day if I need it. I haven’t exceeded 1000mg . . . yet and hope I never have to. We just have to try options until we find what works for us. Each of us is different so what works is totally individual. Have/Can you try medical cannabis? It also helps for a while. My TN is an extension of my MS. Hope you find your solution quickly​:smiley:.

Feel as good as you can and be optimistic. That always helps :sun_with_face:.

Peace & Serenity :rainbow: ,

Hi Maris
Thanks for the ++++ vibes to start the day.
I do use medical marijuana.
I have not found a strain that works good vaped-am waiting for a new
shipment today,though.
I use the oil at night.Which is wonderful.
And thanks for your input about injections.
I have never taken prednisone.In my mind-I think that would help me.Don’t
know why I think that -just do.
Last night around 3AM I felt a twinge in my back at the bad spot,the pain
stopped in my tooth and I got a shock in the knee on the opposite side.All
in one second.And then the tooth pain came back.
What is that old song-drives me crazy.
Have a great day

Hi I also have my nerve injured during an injection from the dentist and was wondering if you got relief yet and what has helped? For me I have this pain already for 1 year and I seen over 10 different doctors , dentists , you name it! Many natural supplements taken and nothing is helping me not even narcotics meds.