Neuropathic Pain Drug Trials

There are a few phase 2 drug trials going on, and from what I read they are for neuropathic pain. My question is, does anyone know if these also get trialed for specific conditions such as TN?

For example, THIS drug is in phase 2 trials for postherpetic neuralgia, but what if it fails phase 2 trials for postherpetic neuralgia, but might be helpful for TN? Does it get tested for other neuropathic pain such as TN before the trial fails / gets terminated??

Another example is THIS drug and THIS drug which are both in phase 2 trials for 'neuropathic pain'. Does anyone have any insight into whether these drugs would also get tested on TN patients?

In contrast, Convergence Pharma is developing a drug specifically for TN, HERE, so that would obviously get trialed specifically on TN patients.

I would assume the drug companies / researchers are smart enough to try their neuropathic pain drugs on different types of pain before canning the trials, but does anyone know how it works?

So many drugs for TN are "Off-Label" medicines ie anti-seisure meds, anti-depressants, muscle relaxers etc. There isn't a single drug on the market that is 100% specifically labeled for *Trigeminal Neuralgia. " That's why most of the anti-seisure/anti-depressants do not work on TN and so many people end up having procedures and/or invasive operations performed with little success . Lyrica was an off-label med for Fibromyalgia. Now the FDA claims that there is no validity in it's treatment for it. Same with Neurontin and neuropathic pain. Not a lick of scientific evidence that it helps relieve TN pain. Lawsuits ensued and ran rampant. Now it's Cymbalta. Again, no evidence that it helps Peripheral Neuropathy associated with Diabetic Pain. Class-action lawsuits are beginning. I honestly think "we" are the "drug trials" but only once we are prescribed them and start realizing "hey, these don't work!" We are the guinea pigs. I read about a big CEO of a famous drug manufacturer saying "I'm not in the business of curing people. I'm in the business for money." (I'll have to ask my husband who said it. He sent it to me but I deleted it). It doesn't surprise me anymore. There was a recent drug trial in France where many people actually DIED. Crazy!

I would like to know how these drug trials are REALLY done as well, not just by reading an abstract or some incomprehensible , complicated scientific method. Show a video of the process. Give everyone video camera to document everything. will give you the definitions for each cohort. The drugs you mention are sodium channel blockers. That is what they are testing. Phase 3 trials are usually where they ferret out actual diseases. Keep in mind that all these trials are is more sodium channel blockers nothing really new just an application of existing knowledge.

As far as TN, fibro etc. they are NOT diseases. They are something close but they are syndromes. which are nothing more than a collection of similar symptoms. Disease specific drugs will never be developed.