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Interesting article in "Neurology Today"


Hi, Marcy,

The article is indeed interesting -- and it may reflect some prevailing errors of information and taxonomy in the diagnosis and treatment of both typical and atypical TN.

I am beginning to mine the names of medical professionals from this piece, with an eye toward drawing more attention to our demographic studies here at Living With TN. I sent out the following note to Dr. Gary Gronseth at the University of Kansas, who is quoted early in the article. I'll do similar notes to others referenced in the piece.

Thanks for posting the original link.

Regards, Red


Dear Dr. Gronseth,

Having found you quoted in the April/May 2012 online issue of Neurology Now, ("Facing Pain: Diagnosing and treating the intense facial pain known as trigeminal neuralgia") I write to offer two articles in pre-publication draft for your consideration and comment. Both are pertinent to the demographics of typical and atypical trigeminal neuralgia, a field in which you appear to specialize.

I believe this work may offer the largest demographic sample of chronic facial pain patients ever reported. These papers suggest that demographics of trigeminal neuralgia may be significantly different than many doctors and dentists are trained to expect. Likewise, many dental specialists are very ill-trained in the recognition of neurological conditions which produce facial pain.

I would like to find a medical or dental professional journal for publication of this work to an audience of physicians and dentists who are among the first consulted by patients with severe facial pain. Your suggestions on an appropriate venue would be much appreciated.

Thank you for your time,